Can Breast Reduction Surgery Give Me My Confidence Back?

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If you are flat-chested you may finding yourself envying women with big breasts but, ironically, they are just as likely to be envying you. Although breast enlargements remain the most popular cosmetic procedure according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, breast reduction surgery is not far behind.

 So, what are the problems facing women with very large breasts… and can breast reduction surgery help?

The problem of large breasts

Growing up with large breasts can affect your confidence and self-esteem.

  • You may find yourself subjected to unwanted comments, stares and jokes.
  • It can be hard to find pretty bras or clothes to fit you.
  • You may also suffer backache and postural problems.
  • Sport may become difficult, especially high impact sports.

For some women, having big breasts not only affects how they feel but also what they do, preventing them from socialising or taking part in activities either because it is physically uncomfortable to do so or because it is emotionally so.

Alternatives to surgery

Nevertheless, surgery is not for everyone and breast reduction surgery can be a big decision for many women. Like all surgery, it involves some risk so you might want to consider other options first.

For example, losing weight my help to reduce your breast size and cognitive behavioural therapy can help with certain body image problems.

Common reasons for surgery

However, for some people, breast reduction surgery offers the chance to gain self-confidence and a body shape that will allow them to move around more freely and to wear what they want to wear.

Some of the most common reasons women give for having breast reduction surgery are:

  • Loss of confidence and discomfort about unwanted attention
  • Pain in the neck, shoulder, back and breast
  • Inflamed skin under the breast
  • Problems exercising

Prior to surgery, Mr Jallali will discuss with you in detail about what you are hoping to achieve and will explain the risks, complications and limitations so you understand these fully before you commit. 

The surgery itself will be carried out under general anaesthetic and lasts between one and a half to three hours. Excess skin and fat will be removed and the breasts will be reshaped and the nipples repositioned. Any asymmetry can be corrected. 

You should recover within four to six weeks and by six to nine months you will be able to judge the final result.

This procedure has a very high satisfaction rate.

“Mr Jallai was extremely polite and explained the breast reduction procedure clearly to me as well as showing me pictures of what I could expect. I did a lot of research before I chose Mr Jallali as I wanted a surgeon who had not retired and still works for the NHS in addition to private practice. Mr Jallali specialises in micro breast surgery which played a significant part in my decision. I suffer from anxiety but throughout my consultations, my hospital stay and aftercare everyone was very understanding and caring. I can’t recommend Mr Jallali highly enough and if I ever want further cosmetic surgery it will be Mr Jallali that I go to.” B. Diana

Physical and emotional benefits

For women who have undergone breast reduction surgery, they experience a range of different benefits, both physical and emotional. These include:

  • An improvement in back pain and neck ache due to a reduction in the weight of the breasts
  • A better self image
  • A reduction in anxiety and depression
  • No more skin irritation caused by large breasts rubbing on the upper abdomen
  • Better back and shoulder health
  • More able to participate in sports leading to greater fitness and overall wellbeing
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Fewer stretch marks due to ageing


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Breast Reduction Surgery Cost

The price of  breast reduction surgery depends on the technique and the individual.

The package price (which include all fees and follow ups) range is £6,500. It is generally advised that the breast tissue which is removed is sent for histology (microscopic examination) and this can cost a further £ 500.