Why Autumn and Winter are the Best Seasons for Cosmetic Surgery

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As the nights draw in and the temperatures start to fall, now could be the perfect time to act if you’re considering cosmetic surgery.

Autumn and winter sees a rise in the number of people having cosmetic procedures and there are some very good reasons for this. 

Virtually all cosmetic surgery has a recovery period and, depending what procedure you have, this can be up to several weeks. The prospect of this can be off-putting for some people but it tends to be easier in the Autumn and Winter months. 

Recover at home while you can

Cold, wet, dreary days make the prospect of staying indoors a more appealing one. You could plan to have a cosy few weeks at home, reading books, watching TV, chatting to friends on the phone and resting, while you recover from surgery. If you have children, once they are back at school it may be easier to take some time out during the day for rest and recovery. 

In some cases, it may even be possible to schedule your surgery so you recover over a national holiday period, such as Christmas and New Year, which means you will not have to take an extended period away from work. Cosmetic surgery can even be given as an unconventional Christmas gift. It is certainly one that won’t get forgotten!

Winter clothing helps hide changes from surgery

The colder temperatures mean you’re more likely to want to stay covered up and tucked up warm indoors, which makes it easier to conceal surgical dressings and wounds as they heal.

Bulky jumpers can be great at hiding obvious body changes – from breast reductions to tummy tucks – and scarves and hats can be ideal for hiding the obvious signs of facelift or rhinoplasty.

You may wish to change the colour or style of your hair to deflect attention from any obvious scarring or visible changes until you are fully healed.

Sun isn’t good following cosmetic surgery

Keeping out of the sun is better for your skin when it is healing after any kind of surgery, as exposure to the sun can prolong recovery times and may lead to infection or greater scarring.

There is less incentive to go out in the sunshine during colder weather (and less sunshine to go out in!) so healing tends to be quicker and with fewer complications.

The window of opportunity is now!

Overall, the good news about having cosmetic surgery in the Autumn and Winter is that, if you take time to recover properly, your recovery is likely to be easier and the chances of anyone noticing obvious signs of surgery fewer. 

Among the procedures that are particularly popular at this time of year are tummy tucks and liposuction. 

Both procedures are designed to sculpt your body after weight loss, rather than being used as tools for weight loss. Immediately after the summer though, you are more likely to have achieved your ideal weight, before you have had a chance to gain excess Winter pounds, so this is a good time to sculpt your body.

In addition to this, after a tummy tuck you will need to wear a compression garment, which is a lot more comfortable in the cooler weather. 

Finally, by having surgery now, by the time next Spring and Summer comes around you will have done all of your healing and be ready to step outside again as a new, more confident you.

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