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Navid Jallali MDFRCS (Plast)

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If you suffer from overly large breasts, you don’t need to be told about the physical and emotional burden that accompanies this condition.

We provide dedicated care for women affected with this highly misunderstood condition. Navid and his team have helped countless women regain their health and restore their self-confidence.

Take the first, life-changing step today. From your first phone call, you will see why the Navid Jallali is renowned as a world-class surgeon, helping women through this transformative experience. You will also understand why so many other patients come to Navid when looking for the quality of care and excellent service Navid provides

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Breast Reduction



Schedule your consultation with Navid, and allow us the chance to help understand your needs and desires. Being fully informed is essential before deciding.


Navid, who has delivered thousands of successful surgeries, will then perform the surgery so you have a beautiful and natural looking result.


Navid will follow up with you during and after recovery to make sure you’re comfortable and happy with the progress. Your happiness and satisfaction is very important to us, and Navid will go the extra mile for you.


“Mr Jallai was extremely polite and explained the breast reduction procedure clearly to me as well as showing me pictures of what I could expect. I did a lot of research before I chose Mr Jallali as I wanted a surgeon who had not retired and still works for the NHS in addition to private practice. Mr Jallali specialises in micro breast surgery which played a significant part in my decision. I suffer from anxiety but throughout my consultations, my hospital stay and aftercare everyone was very understanding and caring. I can’t recommend Mr Jallali highly enough and if I ever want further cosmetic surgery it will be Mr Jallali that I go to.” B. Diana

“I had done a lot of research when I was recommended to see Mr. Jallali. I had put off the surgery for so long as I had seen a number of surgeons but never felt confident with any of them. Mr Jallali was extremely professional and answered my questions fully. I met him a couple of times prior to proceeding. The surgery went very well and I had very little pain afterwards. I could shower straight away which was a real bonus!!. My scars and breasts look amazing and I am so happy with the result. He has done an amazing job.” N.J

About Navid

Our team is led by world-renowned breast surgeon Navid Jallali, and our staff include some of the most experienced and highly-trained professionals to make your operation a success.

  • Board Certifications in both Plastic and General Surgery
  • World-class service and care
  • 18 Years of Experience. Thousands of procedures performed with beautiful, natural-looking results
  • Head of the department of Plastic Surgery at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London since 2013
  • Super-specialised in the field of microsurgery which enables him to carry out the most complex forms of reconstruction
  • Appeared on Channel 5’s Botched up bodies and was the Plastic Surgery advisor to the BBC’s Holby City programme


This largely depends on the technique and the individual. The package price (which include all fees and follow ups) range is £6,500. It is generally advised that the breast tissue which is removed is sent for histology (microscopic examination) and this can cost a further £ 500.


What is a breast reduction operation?

There are many techniques or methods for breast reduction surgery London. Mr Jallali is a fully accredited Plastic Surgeon and can carry out the full range of breast reduction procedures. All involve a general anaesthetic and the operations last between 1.5- 3 hours. Following your assessment by Mr Jallali, you will be informed of the most appropriate technique and counselled about the potential outcome.

Who will benefit from breast reduction surgery?

This is a subjective matter but any lady who feels that her breast size is interfering with her activities of daily living such as clothing and exercise or has psychological distress is likely to benefit. There is no upper limit in breast size and postoperatively most patients comment that they wish they had had the surgery earlier. In general, except for cases of Juvenile breast hyperplasia, Mr Jallali recommends that the procedure is not carried out till the age of 18. There is no upper age limit if you are deemed fit for a general anaesthetic.

What is the recovery time for breast reduction surgery?

This largely depends on the technique used and can be as little as a few days. However, in most cases Mr Jallali recommends at least one week off work and two weeks avoiding heavy exercise or tasks. Mr Jallali’s patients can shower on the first postoperative day and all the stitches are dissolvable. Mr Jallali does not use a drain postoperatively. You will need to stay in a sports bra for six weeks after a breast reduction but will be dressing free after two weeks.

What is the cost of breast reduction surgery London?

This largely depends on the technique and the individual. The package prices (which include all fees and follow ups) range from £ 5500-8000. It is generally advised that the breast tissue which is removed is sent for histology (microscopic examination) and this can cost a further £ 500.

What are the complications associated with breast reduction

Most patients are worried that the operation is painful but it in fact it is very well tolerated by the majority of patients. Complications are rare in Mr Jallali’s hand but include infection, bleeding, scar, change in sensation and loss of the nipple. Whilst patients are warned about these most do not develop any and the post operative recovery is generally uneventful from breast reduction surgery London.

Our Locations

Navid Jallali performs your operation in the highest quality hospitals, which pass and exceed all regulations and safety requirements. The following hospitals you can have procedures are listed below;


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London W2 1NY

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Welbeck hospitalWELBECK HOSPITAL

27 Welbeck Street, London W1G 8EN
TEL:020 7224 2242

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42 – 46 Weymouth St, London, W1G 6NP
TEL:020 7935 12000

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Sudbury Hill, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 3RX
TEL:0208 872 3872

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