Mr. Jallali takes patient safety extremely seriously and is the clinical lead in auditing surgical outcomes at Imperial College NHS Trust, London. He only practises in private hospitals with proven low infection rates, which has consistently lead to above national average outcomes. He has selected private providers that employ highly skilled theatre and ward staff. He has a regular team including highly experienced anaesthetists who are capable of undertaking the most complex forms of anaesthesia and post operative pain relief. Mr. Jallali uses only the best implants for his patients.

During your initial consultation, Mr. Jallali will fully assess you and give an honest opinion regarding the implications, complications and limitations of your proposed surgery. You will be carefully screened to ascertain your fitness for surgery. Should you wish, you will have the opportunity to discuss your operation and recovery at a second consultation. Mr. Jallali’s primary aim is to ensure that you are fully informed before deciding whether surgery is the right choice for you.

After your surgery, you will be regularly reviewed until discharge and will be seen in out-patients at the hospital of your choice.